Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Science Centrum Tour Again

You see those funnel-like things at SM malls and wonder what they're for. Or better yet, you know exactly what it is and are looking for the small signboard that explains Kepler's laws of planetary motion. Well, SM seems to miss the point, thinking that (like most of the stuff they do) it's just another way of getting you to part with your money. 

Anyway, here's the sciencey explanation for that, taken from the exhibit at the Philippine Science Centrum

I first encountered that exhibit at the Philippine Science Centrum back at their old Padre Faura location. The place has since moved to better digs in Marikina and we've conducted a free tour for bloggers and internet writers there last year

This summer we're doing it again. 

May 16th, Saturday, 3pm at the Science Centrum in Riverbanks Mall Marikina. Will post details later. Email bloggers@pfst.org (that's the Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology) for inquiries or reservations. 

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