Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek is dead. Long live Star Trek

The Good:
-- Karl Urban. Eomer gets his turn as Bones and is as crotchetty as DeForest Kelley. 
-- The redshirt dies
-- "I'm giving it all she's got."
-- Tribbles
-- Lens flares. The future's so bright. 
-- 300 years from now, the Beastie Boys are still cool. (But then again we already knew that from Futurama.)

The Bad:
-- Miniskirts. I love how they justified it (school uniforms), but still, they need to crawl up Jeffries tubes sometimes.  
-- Kobayashi Maru. I love how Kirk reprogrammed the computer in the (edit) Julia Ecklar novel (my first Star Trek book). More creative and more in character.
-- "Live long and prosper." Pilit.
-- Supernovas don't work that way. 
-- EDIT TO ADD: The big ball of red matter is a frakking Rambaldi device! I thought it was a shout out to Arthur Clarke's Asymptotic Drive. Heck, man, Slusho and Grunberg I can take... but this?

The Ugly:
-- So a foreman of a Romulan space mining operation gets pissed off that Spock failed to save his planet so he follows Spock's ship to the past and then, instead of warning his people that their sun will go nova, decides to destroy Federation planets. 
-- Meanwhile, Kirk, on academic suspension, gets smuggled by Bones onto the Enterprise, commits insubordination, then gets promoted to full Captain (of the flagship!) even before graduation. 

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