Monday, May 11, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does

LBC has a commercial featuring Edu Manzano as a spelling bee master. 

The idea is cute. Not exactly original*, but cute. 

Now some idiots want the ad pulled out because it "corrupts minors."

Board Member Shirley Araojo-Abundo also supported the move, saying the alarming LBC spot was similar to a powdered laundry soap ad in which a mother said that one was greater than two.

“Hindi po ito maiintindihan ng mga bata [Children will not understand this],” she said.

I'm sorry but if your kids are too stupid to understand that "remittance" isn't actually spelled L-B-C, then a commercial is the least of your problems.  

*Everybody now: B-E-A-M means smile, smile kami pag Beam. 


Anonymous said...

This ad reminds me of when my sister was two years old and my family was teaching her the names of animals both in English and Filipino. She was fine with one- and two-syllable words. But whenever we asked her to say "kabayo," there would be a long pause until she'd finally say, "Horse!" It was amusing. I can't really explain how this is connected to the ad, but it is. Kind of.

ANYWAY, pinatulan yan ng MTRCB? Mga walang sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

That LBC is a disgraceful act. Edu Manzano could have refused such offer. Nakakahiya sa kaniya. He's several times more stupid than the kid in the act. Kung si Jimmy Santos siguro, it will pass the humor. But for Edu to toy around this clumsy ad, is a display of his own clumsiness too.

missingpoints said...

How is it disgraceful? It ain't as brilliance as Camella Homes' "Bulilit" (my current favorite) but it's fine as it is.

Besides, someone who dances the "papaya" on TV has no hiya to speak of. :))